The Great France Adventure: Day 2


1. 3 am in Paris looks a lot like 3 am in Montana. Dark. And kind of boring.

2. I NOW HAVE COFFEE & therefore rule the world.

It is magic coffee and comes out of a shiny machine that makes a lot noise and renders all human interaction entirely unnecessary. OMG I want one. I will never have to speak human again.

I actually giggled in open mouthed wonder when it made my magic coffee. The other patrons are French and were thus unimpressed with my enthusiasm. Whatever, I bet they all have one at home and are used to the awesomeness it provides.

3. I look very much like I hugged and/or wrastled a German Shepherd. Incidentally, I did, though I also washed this sweater. The hair that is covering it seems impervious.

4. France is apparently entirely trustworthy, or at least my fellow hotel patrons are. We slept the night through with the key sticking in the lock in the door.
Let's take a moment to review that last bit and marvel at my profound.... Awesomeness/incompetence? Jetlag? Ability to repel crime? ALL OF THE ABOVE?


Onwards. Allons-y.

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