Hey Guess What?!?! It's SNOWING!!!! again.

yippie frickin doo. In protest I have been moping. Unfortunately, I think that means the snow wins.


Here is a totally unrelated picture of what I really wish I was eating right now:

These are.. um something that has a real name (?) but we always refer to them as 'pork balls' both because it sounds funny (and we're in the 3rd grade, both of us, forever) and also because that is the primary filling substance, around which gooey sticky happy-making dough is wrapped. Sometimes there is also a quail egg inside (!!!eeee!!!). I cannot describe the amazing happiness of eating one of these. I think it is made of tiny fairies and magical icicles and crunchy bits, which fall into not one but THREE of my favorite food categories: crunch and/or salty and/or doughy. Also? Cilantro and fried shallots. WIN.

You can find them at Ping in downtown Portland, Oregon, and if you read this blog post and are influenced to go get some immediately, then please take pictures and send them to me so that I may live vicariously through you. And say hi to Abraham the bartender. He is awesome.

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