My Last Three Months, Part 1: The Wedding

So the last three months have been kinda hectic (hence the lack of consistent posting), but overall there were a few momentous things that happened that deserve some blog space. The first part is that I got married, which was awesome and sporktacular and everything I'd hoped it would be AND there were cupcakes AND s'mores and I was happily consumed by details like what font I should use for the menus for many months beforehand. Weddings, if viewed correctly, are hella fun*. Srsly. Even the part where I fell down, twice. Floors are hard. Walking, also hard. Running around like an ADHD kid on candy and speed while listening to Ricky Martin's Shake Your Bon-Bon in a very, very fancy dress = not hard. Impossible.
F you, Ricky
But overall the whole wedding from start to finish totally kicked ass for me, and I got to see and hug so many people I absolutely adore AND smooch my new husband to one of my favorite songs ever (Magnetic Fields' 'The Book of Love' -- so good! So sassy!!) The entire thing was almost mawkishly happy and we left Bozeman the day after (following a fantastic brunch, yay hollandaise) thinking: well that was frickin' awesome-- I mean sure the DJ messed a bunch of stuff up but it was more funny than bad so I guess that whole bit about something going wrong on the wedding doesn't apply to us.

Fuckin' A. Retrospect!!! Retrospect alert!! Moral included. Don't be a dumbass and tempt fate as you leave for your honeymoon.

Next post: Hurricane Irene!

*And now for the ranty bit: the term 'Your Special Day' or 'Your Big Day' or 'Your Big Super Special Magical Day With Rainbows and Bunnies Where You Get to Act Like a Disney Princess Hopped up on Methamphetamines' is utterly fucking stupid. Any mention of it throughout the whole engaged-planning-gettingmarried process made me want to bite people in the face with my anger teeth. It implies that while normally you are a sane, civil human-- when it comes to your wedding you are allowed to act slightly better than a pig in a taffeta prom dress. Is it your big perfect magic day? You are totally allowed to throw feces if your cake does not show up on time. NO. NO, NO. 

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