Some days...

I do not blog. Instead, I drink ginger martinis.

this is a ginger martini.
this is ginger martini #2. For serious. 


Zombie Haiku

blargh blargh blargh blargh rarr
growlll blargh? ung growlll munch
munch munch yum blargh! brains.


I have 99 Balloons stuck in my head and I don't know any of the words except for the 99-Balloon part.

The good thing about having the song 99 Balloons stuck in your head when you're walking through the airport is that it's a poppy, happy song so you walk with an unmistakable happy beat and you can't help smiling a little because your head is singing "99 lahlalala germangermangerman lada."

The bad news is that the song 99 Balloons is slowly driving you insane. You don't notice at first, because it's a poppy, happy song. But then your head explodes. Because 99 Balloons just took over your medulla oblongata and decided that that's what it had to do. Explode.