Melanie Edwards  photo cred: me! me! Pick me!!!

As I've been looking through the archives of photo cd's from back when dinosaurs ruled the earth and I was still an undergrad, I've had a very specific mission to find photos of my friend Melanie, who is lovely and a fantastic singer and was also one of my very favoritist models to work with. She put up with me when I told her to put on a silk kimono and pose half nekkid as I worked out the machinations of the 4x5 camera in a freezing cold studio. She put up with me further when I told her that I wanted to put her in a red plastic bustier that I got at a thrift store. She put up with me yet again when I told her I wanted to paint her clown white and put her in a ball gown against the backdrop of a make believe forest. Melanie, as I said, is awesome, and she put up with all of these scenarios with verve and humor and grace.
Which, I'm just sayin', is hard to do when you're covered in clown paint and some annoying photo student is all "okay, now look bored. Oh wait hang on I messed that one up, let's try again."

So I'm posting the few I worked on this afternoon, and wishing I lived a little closer to New York so I could dress her up like a ninja prom queen. It would be radical. 



friggin' magical. I'm never leaving the house again. 

When I got up it was -15, which now seems significantly more balmy. Bozeman is getting colder with the sunshine.